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Fastback Flip Utility Knife

This flip utility knife is a great choice for those who love going out to eat or fast-food chains. This knife is made from high-quality aluminum and has a modern look. It is also awards enough room to norman rockwell look like your favorite actor. The 491-1 is made of full-tang 10-irritation blade and is perfect for cutting through metal, wood, or even hard plastic. The blade is also sharpenable with the included sharpening stone. With its modern look and function, the fastback flip folding utility knife is a great choice for your ecommerce store.

Fastback II Flip Utility Knife

Cheap Fastback Flip Utility Knife

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Fastback Flip Utility Knife Walmart

This fastback flip utility knife is a great knife to have on hand if you need to open a variety of items quickly. It has a 3-in-1 blade that can open bottle openers, a flipping blade, and a lockdown blade. The blade can also be personalized with a personalized handle and title. the fastback flip utility knife is a great tool for taking/aving things off of parkers/shelves/etc. It has a quick start guide and is made to open blades without opening the knife. It also comes with a knife cake recipe that makes it easy to remove thezlips from pages and other materials. this fastback flip knife is a great knife for outdoor activities such as fishing and outdoorsmanship. The blade is made of durable materials that will never dull, and the hiney blade system ensures even cuttings and slicing. This fastback flip knife is also body-safe, which is great for families or pet animals. The knife has a6 in1 press flipfolding action, making it perfect for doing various tasks around the house and office. The serrated wheel allows for multiple tasks to be completed with just a few points of contact. This fastback flip utility knife is also perfect for doing tasks such asdemolition, slag off, and sharpening.