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Stanley Utility Knife

This stanley utility knife is a great choice for those who are looking for a heavy-duty knife. It offers a withdrawal time of 10 minutes with a durable design. The knife also comes with a dispenser, so you can keep your knife clean and organized.

Stanley Utility Knife

Stanley Utility Knife

By Stanley


Stanley Folding Utility Knife

Do you need a folding utility knife for work or school? if so, then you need the stanley folding knife. This knife is made to do many tasks that regular knives can do, such as cutting meat, cloth, and other materials, and it is also good for folds and fiddlings. The blade is about 8" wide and the handle is made of hard-wood. The stanley is also safety-first variety knife, with a 3-in-1 section that can be used for reaching up to 4" projectiles and reaching into tasks such as hunting with the knife for game. if you're looking for a knife that can do more than just do tasks, then you need the stanley knife. It is made to scare away prey. The blade is 3" wide and the handle is made of hardwood. So if you're looking for a folding knife that can do it all, the stanley is the knife for you!

Stanley Utility Knife Blades

Our stanley utility knife blades are a great way to keep your knife sharpening going without having to go to a knife store. These blades are a 10 pack and will fit into your stanley knife with the exception of the box. We offer them as a box knife blade for you to keep on hand, or as a replacement for your current knife. this stanley 10-855 folding utility knife has a new design with a lightweight aluminum body and a t-shaped blade this knife is perfect for changing blades or sharpening knives. the stanley fixed blade utility knife is a great knife for those who need a little more strength when cutting. It has a tough, black blade that is perfect for difficult-to-reach work. The 3-pack model includes a knife, knife sharpener, and sheath. the stanley 10-813 quick slide sport utility knife is a great knife for those who want anretachable utility knife. It has a new blade design that makes it quick and reversible. The blade is also reversible from beingipplemental to being a sheath case. With a 3-1/2 inch blade. It is also a sheath case only, so this knife is great for travel.